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Posted: April 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

I am officially addicted to my ability to mine the internet for resources to support social justice causes. As a past director of small and/or struggling nonprofits who wanted to spend their limited funds on actually advancing their cause, I found it necessary to research and use free or low cost resources on the Internet.  From databases to research, from grant seeking to online fundraising…you can do it all with most of the resources on the Internet.  We need to resist the urge to follow the huge nonprofits spending thousands of dollars on Adobe, Razor’s Edge and expensive media use and production software.  For those of us with limited budgets, we can still make a huge impact with free software.

The other area small nonprofits can save money is on training materials, presentations on their cause for community members, and research on their cause to support their grant and fund development efforts.  The resources at fingertips on the internet can keep us informed, educated and trained in the most research-based methods for delivering our programs.

My hope is that this website will help motivate you to find your own resources and mine the internet.  In the meantime, I will share with you some of my favorites.

  1. Hi Wendi
    I find your site fascinating. What’s uncanny is that these are the very resources that I will need to exhaust when I go about starting up what I’ve been putting off or so long:
    Y.E.S- Youth Empowerment Solutions, A positive answer to tomorrows challenges.
    I work in the area of developing communication skills and leadership among youth in Cape Town South Africa and have been toying with starting my own non-profit for too long. I take our paths crossing in this way as a very good omen… Thank you.

    • internetmine says:

      Any way that I can help, even in some small way…please call on me. I have worked to empower youth my whole life and in your few short posts, I have been moved to more intensive action myself. Interestingly, I am from the Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA area which has one of the largest populations of displaced peoples from Africa in just about all of the US. I have worked with displaced African youth and their families for several years. So maybe this is not an accident!

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