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Posted: April 18, 2011 in Photographs, Training
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Children in a camp for displaced persons, Photo by K. Burns, USAID

One of my new favorite websites on the Internet is actually sponsored by the US Federal Government.  The website, USAID, is an independent federal agency supported by the Secretary of State.  Its focus is:

  • economic growth, agriculture and trade;
  • global health; and,
  • democracy, conflict prevention and humanitarian assistance.

They provide assistance in five regions of the world:   Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Latin America & the Caribbean, Europe & Eurasia and the Middle East.

The website is a little overwhelming, however, if your non-profit operates to serve those regions or serves people from those regions, you will find some very helpful resources.  My 2 favorite resources are:

USAID Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery provides thousands of photographs like the one on this page free of charge as long as you credit the photographer.   The range and scope of these photos is amazing.  If you are looking for photos to depict the people of your cause, you will find it here.

Global Health eLearning Center

I love this eLearning Center.  You can obtain in-depth training on a variety of global health issues.  They offer free courses and certificate programs on subject areas such as Family Planning & Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS, Gender & Health, and Infectious Diseases.  Many of the topics are applicable to our work with immigrant families in the US and are also critically important to those organizations that provide support directly to people in those countries.


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