NetSquared Update…

Posted: June 3, 2011 in Networking
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In a previous posting about Social Justice Networks, I profiled NetSquared, a nonprofit helping community organizers improve their communities through technology. NetSquared had coordinated a world-wide network of local groups organized around the idea of Internet-based meet-ups…using online social media to connect people with common community concerns. I attempted to join and participate in my local community’s group, however, even after reaching out to them multiple times…I have never been contacted back.

I am happy to see, however, that NetSquared has recognized the intrinsic difficulties in online organizing and recently released an open letter to their organizing groups. To read this letter and learn more about NetSquared, go to Open Letter at

  1. Claire Sale says:

    Hi there – thanks so much for this post about NetSquared and our open letter to the organizers!

    I’d be happy to be in touch with you about the group in your city and help find a way to get you connected. Feel free to email me at Claire[at]

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