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A few posts ago I started writing about several websites that were designed to create opportunities for people interested in social justice causes to become more organized through online connections. I signed up for my community’s NetSquared group and emailed the group leaders to become more involved. Unfortunately, I have not had any communication with this group and it seems that most of NetSquared’s current activity is in one city and in a few international locations. So I am not very excited about the impact of this project. Also, I’m signed up for email alerts and newsletters but I haven’t received any real consistent communication.


Another project that I would like to profile is the new site created by Craigslist Foundation called LikeMinded. The website is easily navigated with a topic page covering issues such as arts, health, education, safety and environment. I initially thought that this site was designed to bring like-minded people together to address community issues. However, the website is really set up to share resources, information and projects. For the first month or so the database was filled with information that was obviously entered by the designers. Now there are many more projects and resources entered by the actual providers or people actually involved in the project. However, there currently is not an opportunity to engage in discussion on the website. You can contact people involved in the project directly, however, you have to use an anonymous email system so it doesn’t really promote community connections and openness. I will keep watching the site and review it again as it evolves.