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For over 20 years, my work has focused on helping agencies evaluate the effect of their social change programs. From substance abuse and teen pregnancy prevention programs to crime victim services, it has been critical for these organizations to identify broad community outcomes and immediate and measureable outcomes for their programs. As important today as it was 20 years ago, funding for social change programs is reliant upon proving your success through measurable outcomes.

But what if your agency doesn’t have funds to provide you with training and resources on outcome development planning? How do you know if you are truly making a difference?

One outstanding organization, Innovation Network, is an expert in providing online resources on program planning and evaluation. They build capacity in nonprofits by making the principles and techniques of evaluation understandable and easy to use. Their tools help nonprofits learn about the successes and problems in a program’s practice and, by using very clear terms and methods, keeps the nonprofit moving forward in the cycle of work, evaluation, change.

One of the most valuable products offered by Innovation Network, is Point K. Point K is an online program that nonprofits can use to assess their organization, create program plans and evaluate those programs to make positive changes in their communities. This program allows the nonprofit to create their entire logic model online and is very thorough. It also provides clear instructions on each stage of building a logic model. Their Evaluation Plan Builder takes all of the information from your logic model and helps you identify measurement indicators and teaches you what type of information you need to collect for your indicators. Point K also has an extensive database of resource materials, all free for you to use. It also allows for your entire planning team to access your planning documents and participate in the process.